Monday, March 19, 2012

Sec 3 elearn Part I: How many sides to a coin?

The Social Studies course aims to to develop students to be information-literate and adept in process skills so that they will be able to acquire, manage and use information critically and with insight. One of these process skill is the ability to compare and contrast diverse perspectives and views in any issue.

In this project, you are required to construct a source-based case study showing different views to an issue just like the example here:

Understanding task
Mouse over the tags in the example above. You will see that a good source-based case study has
1. An overarching question "Should sharkfin soup be banned?"
2. Background information about sharks
3. Quotes representing diverse views "Yes, No, But, Maybe"
4. Citation of provenance "who said it"

1. choose an issue of socio-political-economic interest. You can find these issues in the discussion on the Straits Times Forum, REACH feedback or any other online news forum.
2. Formulate an over-arching big question for the topic you have chosen.
3. Provide a short background write-up on the issue (no more than 50 words)
4. Select and extract three quotes (not exceeding 30 words) reflecting diverse views about the issue. 
5. State the provenance of each quote by providing a source citation.

1. Submit your project via these presentation links:
2.Edit the presentation template according to your index number order ie. index no.1 edits slide 1 etc.
3. Do not edit over your friends' submission
4. Do not repeat topics.

As this project account for 20% of CA2, the rubrics of assessment are:
1. Essential over-arching question [5]
2. Concise background information [5]
3. Representative quotes [5]
4. Relevance of issue [5]