Monday, March 19, 2012

Sec 3 elearn Part II: Persuasive Techniques

Another skill valuable in the Humanities is the ability to develop critical and creative thinking such as the skills of evaluating and interpreting information through making inferences, analysing evidence, and drawing well-reasoned and substantiated conclusions.

Often source-based case studies feature political cartoons and posters. The ability to analyzing them systematically is an essential skill in handling Source-based Questions. This exercise is to provide you the tools to interpret and analyse political cartoons beyond making inferences.

Understanding Task
3. Go through the "Learning Activity"
4. Review the "Cartoon Analysis Guide"
5. Attempt other practice resources in "Learn More About Political Cartoons"

Performance Task
1. Search the internet for ONE political cartoon or a propaganda poster on any topic from Chapter 2 (Establishing Peace) and Chapter 3 (Stalin in Russia).  
2. Using the Cartoon Analysis Guide, identify and explain the persuasive techniques used in the poster or cartoon you have chosen.
3. Submit your analysis, according to index number, to this document:

4. Limit your explanation to no more than 200 words. Any text in excess is denied.
5. There should not be any repetitions of cartoons/posters
6. Your project is marked for: a. choice of cartoon 10 marks b. quality of analysis 10 marks
7. This project accounts for 20% of CA1