Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Compilation of Prelim SEQs 2007

Dear all,

You can now download Compilation of 2007 Modern World History Prelim SEQs.

The Compilation of Social Studies Prelim SEQs is uploaded (HSSPrelimSEQ2007).

Students of History of Malaya & Singapore can find their updated compilation as well.

Remember the SS Mock exam? A sample model answer is uploaded for your reference. Just click on the photo below. As you will see, wonderful answers are not LONG and mechanical. They are to the point, incisive and show alot of thought maturity. Check your answers against this model.

If you have lost your Mock exam paper, a copy can always be downloaded: (2006HSS4SA2India.pdf)


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Business as usual next week...

Modern World History Class
  • Date: 29 Oct 2007 (Mon)
  • Time: 0830-1200
  • For: 3H & 3G
  • Venue: 3H
  • Topics:
    • Road to War in the Pacific
    • End of War (Japan & Germany)
  • Bring:
    • History Text & Workbook
    • SA2 Question Paper
Social Studies Class
  • Date: 2 Nov 2007 Fri (NOT 1 nov thu)
  • Time: 0830-1300
  • For: 3H only
  • Venue: 3H
  • Topics:
    • Causes of Conflict
    • Deterrence & Diplomacy
  • Bring:
    • Social Studies Text & Workbook
    • SA2 Question Paper
Keep-in-touch Activities
  • Social Studies, Southeast Asia & Modern World History
    • Attempt SA2 SBQs
    • Attempt SA2 SEQs
  • To be submitted in Week 1 Term 1 2008

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Notes on War in the Pacific

Dear Sec 4s,

This set of Japan notes are for those who have requested for more detailed info on War in the Pacific. The focus for this chapter is on the events/factors leading to
  • weakness of parliamentary democracy in 1920s
  • rise of militarism in late 1920s
  • Japan's aggression towards China in the 1930s
  • Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941
  • Japan's expansion into Southeast Asia after 1940

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Prelim II Review

Sec 4s,

Suggested answers for Prelim II can be downloaded here:
Consultations slots for next week are:
  • 4B: Mon 0800-1100 4B Classroom
  • 4J: Tue 0800-1100 4J Classroom
  • 4C: Wed 0800-1100 4C Classroom
If you would be coming for consultation, pls indicate so under comments.

Happy Graduation!