Time Travellers!

You have just acquired a new power. You discover you can time travel. After your history lesson on the Indus Valley Civilization, you realised you could go back in time to Mohenjo Daro and Harrapa at the height of the Bronze age. This was what you saw:

But no one would believe you that you have time travel abilities. Now you have to convince them. You (and your 3 friends) decided to visit another ancient civilization to prove to you friends you are telling the truth by recreating an animation to recapture one of these empires and what their cities were like in their heydays.  

Re-create your empires and its cities using minecraft paying attention to:
  1. Location of capital & type of Government
  2. Religion & Rituals
  3. Economics & Development
  4. Social Organisation
  5. Science & Arts/Technology & Inventions
  6. Diplomacy & Defence
Present your animation with a short description for each feature of an advanced civilization.  Your presentation will be scored on

  1. research and accuracy
  2. intricacies and details
  3. information and engagement