Sunday, October 25, 2009

World History according to Billy Joel (who?)

FYI: what event was featured in the cartoon in the opening sequence? Who is the black woman?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Social Media Revolution

Introducing the new face of globalisation! No longer Transportation, TNCs and Communication. Meet the new social media revolution!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia

"What have I to do with the heroes or the monuments of ancient times? with times which never can return, and heroes, whose form of life was different from all that the present condition of mankind requires or allows."

"To know any thing, returned the poet, we must know its effects; to see men we must see their works, that we may learn what reason has dictated, or passion has incited, and find what are the most powerful motives of action. To judge rightly of the present we must oppose it to the past; for all judgment is comparative, and of the future nothing can be known. The truth is, that no mind is much employed upon the present: recollection and anticipation fill up almost all our moments. Our passions are joy and grief, love and hatred, hope and fear. Of joy and grief the past is the object, and the future of hope and fear; even love and hatred respect the past, for the cause must have been before the effect.

"The present state of things is the consequence of the former, and it is natural to inquire what were the sources of the good that we enjoy, or of the evil that we suffer. If we act only for ourselves, to neglect the study of history is not prudent: if we are entrusted with the care of others, it is not just. Ignorance, when it is voluntary, is criminal; and he may properly be charged with evil who refused to learn how he might prevent it.

Chapter 35.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sec 4 Consultation

Thank you for your interest! Consultation sessions are over, phew. Thanks for all the work done and discussions raised. It was at the same time engaging and exhausting! Hope you have all benefited. Now remember what you know and do what you remember.

Outstanding questions can still be raised under DISCUSSION. Best!

12 Oct 2009 (Mon)
  • 0800 - 0900 (4F: Noel, Ryan, Joseph, Alwin, Bok)
  • 1100 - 1200 (4D: Julian, Emerz, Linchun, Melvin)
  • 1230 - 1330 (4D: Joon Hau, Weixiang)

13 Oct 2009 (Tue)
  • 1000 - 1130 (4D: Zheyuan, Zack, Caleb) [Weixiang, Linchun, Tim, Melvin, Emerz] 
  • 1130 - 1300 (4F: Yutian, Philip, Sahil, Kian Chong, Shaowei, Ryan, Bok, Ernest, Nich, Daryl, Alwin)

14 Oct 2009 (Wed)
  • 0930 - 1130 (4D: Josiah, Emerz, Linchun, Kyle, Desmond, Daniel, Yunhan, Julian, Dzafir, Ziyad, Joon Hau)

16 Oct 2009 (Fri)
  • 1030 - 1130 (4D: Joon Hau, Hafidzin, Sidney, Kenny, Luqman, Caleb) FULL HOUSE
  • 1130 - 1230 (4F: Alwin, Yaksh, Hidayat, Yutian, Yunsol, Nich) FULL HOUSE

20 Oct (Tue)
  • 0930-1100 (4D: Quin, Joon Hau, Zack, Weixiang, Zheyuan) FULL HOUSE
  • 1100-1230 (4F: Bryan, Alwin, Daniel, Philip, Jeremy) FULL HOUSE

21 Oct (Wed)
  • 0930-1100 (4D: Hong Hui, Hamzah, Hafidzin, Caleb, Zach ) FULL HOUSE
  • 1100-1230 (4F: Hidayat, Aaron, Darryl, Sahil, Kian Chong) FULL HOUSE

22 Oct (Thu)
  • 0930-1100 (4D: Caleb, Joon Hau, Quin, Shuvod) FULL HOUSE
  • 1100-1230 (4F: Ernest, Yutian ) CLOSED
[Season Parking: Linchun, Julian, Weixiang]

Monday, October 19, 2009

Market Equilibirum

How does the concept of market equilibirum help us understand our study efforts? Think in terms of effort demanded and effort supplied. Or Exam demands and candidate effort. Have you found your equilibrium?

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Jennifer Aniston Neuron

What's your "Jennifer Aniston" neuron? Does it fire up when it sees a Globalisation SEQ?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Opportunity Cost

For Sidney. For the so many little lessons u never forgot. Thanks.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

All the best Sec 4s!

Dear 4F and 4D,

You know you have 24/7 support from
If you have exceeded your download quota,
you can always SEED!

Repeat to Remember; Remember to Repeat.

All the best!

Thanks for today!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sec 4 Revision Schedule

Week 3 (5 - 9 Oct): History
  • SEQ In-class Test: Keywords Revision
  • Korean War SBQ Practise
Week 4 (12 - 16 Oct): Supplementary
  • 2008 SS SA1 Practise
  • 2008 WH SA1 Practise

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Levels of Response

Dear Where do we go from here? How do we go on to a new level? Read more here.