Monday, October 20, 2008

Sec 4 Suggested Answers & Prelim Papers [Updated]

  • Make a list of ALL the pointers/things to remember when answering SBQ & SEQ. Keep updating the list and keep looking at it over the next few days.
  • Complete ALL your answers = manage your time = don't overwrite SEQs or SBQ1a).
  • Know the SBQ chapters VERY WELL. ie. Stalin, Hitler (2.2), War in Europe (3.1), Korean War & Cuban Missile Crisis (4.1).
  • Put all that you know on that piece of paper! No one can mark what's in your mind.
Additional suggested answers:
Prelim II suggested answers:

Mock Exam suggested answers are here:

Additional Prelim papers are here:
All the best!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grand Marklist

You can check your overall grand total marks for the year from the links below:

| Sec 3B | Sec 3D | Sec 3F |

Pls identify yourself when you request for access.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Contacts update

Yahoo groups file-sharing is now closed. You will need a gmail account to access file-sharing in the future. For purpose of database update, please enter your email in the form below.

Loyalty perks: sneak preview will be sent to your gmail at 2200 19 Oct (Sun).

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tibet Riots: Truths, Beliefs & Bias

I am stunned surprised reading so many cases of answers claiming "Source B is by an American journalist so he must be telling the truth; Source B is an American journalist on CNN he is more likely to tell the truth... the news on CNN is reliable... he is unbiased... journalists are objective... CNN is neutral".

Sigh... It's time to re-examine your views about the world. You've been conned. Not that I believe whatever found in this site/youtube videos to be the absolute truth. It's all like one big SBQ. Who do you believe?

Check out this site

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Answer Review & Feedback

Some pointers from sample marking:
  • SBQ (reliability) - Answer the question. A few are getting ZERO because of this careless oversight!
eg. Why say "prove" when question asks "is it useful"? Why answer "it proves" when the question asks "does it mean"?
  • SBQ (reliability) - XR to evidence not to issue! This is Source-based question; means you evaluate the source for its evidence, not evaluate an issue.
eg. Quote target Source A evidence. XR to support Source A = quote evidence from Source X that matches Source A evidence; not explain how Source X supports question issue.
  • SBQ (reliability) - Who says that journalists don't lie; or that American journalists are neutral; or that journalist are not biased! Wake up kid! There is no one who is not biased. And there is no one who does not lie. Don't believe? Check out politicians, lawyers and journalists!
  • SBQ (comparison) - B would agree with C (content) + B would not agree with C (content) + B would (dis)agree with C (tone/attitude)!
Why take the risk of doing Agree (content) + Disagree (tone?! or purpose?!). When your reading of the tone of C is wrong, L3/3 is all you've got!
  • SEQ(b) - Define is to address issue in question; not a dictionary definition!
eg. which is better way to improve health service? manage ethnic diversity? The key is to define what are the problems facing UK healths service such that either way was BETTER in improving it. Or what were the complexities of ethnic diversity in Singapore such that either way was BETTER in managing it. It is to define the context such that it is meaningful to decide which is better and not a definition of the meaning of "better".

MWH SA2 Revision Q&A

Modern World History SA2
SBQ (25 marks)
1a. b. c. d. (compulsory)
SEQ (25 marks)
2a. b., 3a. b., 4a. b. (choose ONE)

You can download compilation of SEQ questions for your practise below:
Unit 2.1: Impact of WWI
Unit 2.2: Stalin in USSR
Unit 2.2: Hitler in Germany
Unit 3.1: War in Europe
Unit 2.2 & 3.2: War in the Pacific

You can ask questions under COMMENTS.
Pls review to ensure your questions have not already been asked/answered.