Friday, March 22, 2013

Arriving in Philadelphia


Was excited to get a move on from New York, it's time to be back on the roads. Horrors and much needed help. 40th street was 2 stations from 30th street station but not near enough to walk. Harrison requires authentication moving in and out. 7 days was really too long to be in one place really. I had no internet. I had no hotel bookings, I had not booked megabus from Pittsburgh to Philly, I had not sought permission to travel to Pittsburgh. Macdonald's in 40th in a ghetto. It's cold. I have no key to the apartment.

One thing at a time:
1. get on the internet
2. try to download the upenn app
3. message to get the keys (God-incidentally, Calvin was online in that 5 mins window)
4. book megabus. was $3. should have gotten it anyway whether or not I decided to travel. Now its $25
5. book downtown accommodation after Pittsburgh. (God-incidentally, Society Hill was the cheapest at $97, and it was available for the 4 nights I wanted. It's a popular 16-room hotel, in the middle of the Old City, very RARE)
6. eat a $1 cheeseburger