Sunday, March 31, 2013

Momuments and Memorials



Monuments are important in capturing landmarks in a nation's history. There is a dignifying solemnity and grandeur about monuments in imposing awe and respect in the beholder. They are constructed this way with this intention in mind. Again there is a grammar to the architecture of monuments and memorials. Here are some of my take on the features:

1. inscribe names of honored. names invoke memories of lives. lives are precious. Treasure the precious.
2. exaggerate scale. be imposing, dwarf the onlooker, make them small, they accept their place.
3. Lifelike. helps identification, promotes empathy, appeal to the emotion. They were just like you.
4. engrave inspiring text: can be a quote, or a visionary statement. Make it grand, appealing, truistic, moralism that can't be disproved.
5. Landscape features: make it a walk, metaphorical journey, arduous to get from one point to another, make it a pilgrimage, with park and water features, granite and stone. Therapeutic effect.
6. Visitor center with souvenirs: provide introduction and information. Hand out takeaways, facilitate experience, let visitors take away memories. Sell to the kids. They make their parents buy.