Friday, April 05, 2013

Home of Facebook



I visited Facebook. Thanks to George who drove me there from SF. And thanks to Colin who contacted Victor. And thanks to Victor who works there. Way to go guys!

It's a achievement. We use Facebook all the time and to me it's a big time to GO TO and INTO Facebook. People there are proud of what they do, they are professionals. They take time to show guests around because they are PROUD of where they work. Nobody questions if this is off their free time, nobody questions if this is allowed. It's a dynamic culture with lots of trust and high impact. Each employee does what is most impactful in their area of work. Food is free. Drinks are free but no one takes advantage of these. In a land of poverty, free may make people scramble for the benefits, that's if it's not always free. In a land of abundance, where good things are always free, people have time to focus on what they do, and do their best.