Saturday, April 06, 2013

The American suburban life

 It's like driving into a Desperate Housewives movie set. Life is good if you are rich and live in California. The kitchen is just like what you see on Modern Family.
If you want to live here = you have to drive = you must have a car = you must work somewhere else = your locus of physical control is larger. You drive to buy groceries at Costco, drive out for meals, at a local restaurant, drive to send the kids for classes or enrichment, to the mall ie. you have a larger circumference of control over your life events. As opposed to, if you dun have the means = you can't afford it = you live near work = you are in the same situation with many others = there is overcrowding = it's call living in a city = you share your apartment = you rent a place = it's not yours only = why should you take such good care of it = others don't bother either = anyway this was how we got the apartment when we moved in = we shop, eat, move around the neighbourhood without having to drive very far = you locus of control over life routines is low.